Warranty registration

Within 14 days from the date of purchase from an authorized or designated distributor, if the customer finds the product may be defective, they may contact the company. After the company confirms that the product is defective and matches the qualifications for product replacement, the company will arrange a replacement based on specific circumstances.

Terms & Conditions

Lighting Gas Stoves Trading Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LIGHTING”) guarantees, according to the following terms, that the Products listed in the warranty service or online product
registration (hereinafter referred to as “the Product”) are in good working condition and complete in terms of components, and provides free warranty service:

1. From the date of purchase from an authorized or designated distributor until the end of the warranty period, if the Product malfunctions and LIGHTING technicians confirm that the malfunction occurred under normal customer use, and this confirmation is final and binding on the customer, LIGHTING will be responsible for providing free repair and replacement of parts. The warranty period is equal to or more than a year, and the details are subject to the warranty period of the specific model on the following website: www.lightinggas.com.hk.

2. The following parts have separate warranty periods but do not include inspection fees, transportation fees, and labor costs. The Product must be registered with LIGHTING:
• All LIGHTING range hoods have a five-year motor warranty.
• All LIGHTING electric water heaters have a ten-year inner tank warranty.

3. This warranty service covers all essential functional parts; it does not include, but is not limited to, the following consumable and/or non-functional parts and/or accessories:
• Bulbs, tubers, filter components, oil cups, grease filters, and exhaust pipes for range hoods.
• Glass, pan support, drip plate, burner cap, burner head, batteries, gas hoses, water inlet/drain hoses, power cords, and plugs.
• Product covers, panels, flue ducts for gas water heaters, backboard, paint coatings, enamel, decorative materials, and non-functional accessories.
• Cleaning, refurbishment, lubrication.
• Issues and damages caused by sunlight, temperature, humidity, and other natural factors (such as discoloration, oxidation, condensation).

4. This warranty is immediately invalid under the following circumstances:
• The Product has been reinstalled or relocated.
• The Product is damaged due to transportation, customer negligence, improper use, improper installation, use of non-original parts or accessories, or accidents.
• The Product (gas type) has been intervened, repaired, or modified by technicians not affiliated with LIGHTING or registered gas contractors and their technicians who are not under or outsourced by LIGHTING.
• The Product (electric water heater) has been intervened, repaired, or modified by technicians not affiliated with LIGHTING or licensed plumbing and electrical technicians who are not under or
outsourced by LIGHTING.
• The Product is damaged due to the connected power supply, gas supply, water supply/draining system, or exhaust pipes.
• The Product is damaged due to the customer’s failure to follow the instructions in the Product’s user and operation manual (such as correct placement of burner caps, unobstructed burner holes,
cleaning of filter components, ensuring clear exhaust passages, etc.).
• The Product is used for non-residential purposes and commercial purposes, placed on a ship, car, mobile object, or in a commercial location or setting.
• The Product’s serial number has been altered, removed, or tampered with.
• Circumstances beyond the control of LIGHTING or the customer, including natural disasters.
• Free warranty does not cover any abnormal usage conditions caused by external factors, including but not limited to unstable voltage, water pressure, or gas pressure in the house, kitchen
cabinet airflow causing unstable or extinguished flames in the stove, insufficient water flow resulting in overheating of the water heater, over length or number of bent of the exhaust ducts affecting the suction power of the range hood, etc. If such situations require a visit from LIGHTING for inspection or resolution, LIGHTING will charge an inspection fee.

5. This warranty does not cover cleaning services, such as cleaning burner holes, stove residues, oil cups, and filters for range hoods.

6. This warranty service is only applicable to products placed within Hong Kong and Macau. The warranty will be immediately invalid if the Product is not at the registered address or has been disassembled.

7. This warranty service only applies to residential customers accessible by vehicles. Additional charges will apply for service in particular remote areas (such as Discovery Bay, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Sha Tau Kok, Stanley, Tai O, etc.) when LIGHTING visits for repairs. No warranty service will be provided for outlying islands, restricted areas (places requiring restricted area permits for entry), airport-restricted areas, construction sites, Lo Wu, and locations with unclear boundaries.

8. Customers must provide a reasonable, sufficient, and safe working space for LIGHTING to inspect and repair the Product. Customers are responsible for removing obstacles or relocating the Product to a suitable location with electricity/gas supply and water supply/drainage for repair purposes. Considering the workspace is restricted, insufficient, unsafe, or poses a potential risk of damage. In that case, LIGHTING has the right to stop providing services (e.g., if the Product is placed on the roof, above decorative panels, at unsafe working heights, or obstructed by other objects).

9. The Product has severe hygiene issues (e.g., spoiled residue, presence of insects, cockroaches, ants). In that case, the staff has the right to refuse repair services, and the customer will not be entitled to any repair services.

10. LIGHTING may determine the repair methods or approaches for the Product at its sole and absolute discretion.

11. In the event that LIGHTING arranges for the replacement of the Product, parts, or accessories, LIGHTING has the right to decide on the handling method (including but not limited to disposal) of the replaced products, parts, or accessories without prior notice or compensation to the customer.

12. The estimated repair completion date stated in writing or through other means is for reference only, and LIGHTING’s repair service is not bound by this date. Repair services are only available on regular working days and during working hours.

13. LIGHTING shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages (including any costs, expenses, personal injury, direct, indirect, or consequential losses, damages, and loss of profits or other liabilities) arising from all services and use of the Product provided by LIGHTING.

14. LIGHTING’s liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement value of the relevant Product.

15. LIGHTING is not responsible for or does not guarantee that the Product will be fully restored to normal working condition after repair. If the manufacturer fails to supply the relevant parts or accessories and/or they are irreparable, or in circumstances beyond LIGHTING’s control, LIGHTING shall not be responsible for fully restoring the Product to normal working condition.

16. LIGHTING reserves the right to change the terms of this warranty service without prior notice to the customer.

17. The collection, storage, and use of customers’ personal information are subject to LIGHTING’s privacy statement, which may be revised from time to time. For details, please visit the LIGHTING website at www.lightinggas.com.hk.

By completing the warranty card and returning it to LIGHTING within ten days of the purchase date or registering the warranty online at www.lightinggas.com.hk, the customer acknowledges and agrees to the above terms. Please keep the warranty card and purchase invoice and present them to LIGHTING technicians for inspection during repair services. Otherwise, the warranty will be invalid. The English translation of these warranty terms is for reference purposes only. In the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese translation and the original English content, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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