Tips - Hob

How should I clean the glass surface on a regular basis?

After each cooking, you can simply use a semi-wet towel to wipe the glass surface when the built-in hob surface is still a bit warm. It will be very easy to remove stain.

How to remove stubborn dirt on the glass surface?

It is recommended to use a mild detergent applied to the glass surface, use a wet cloth to wipe the glass surface dirt, do not use the thinner or chemical solvents to wipe, to avoid damage the gloss of the glass surface.

What is the distance between the glass panel and the wall?

Please leave at least 5 cm from the glass panel to the wall.

If installing other appliance such as dish-washer underneath the built-in hob, what will be the minimum distance in between?

Please leave at least 10mm distance apart from the built-in hob. If another appliance requires a different distance, please use the larger distance requirement.

How long is the battery life of the built-in hob?

About 1 year but depending on the feature design of the built-in hob. However, it may last less than 1 year because the battery starts operation right after manufacturing.

Why does flame distinguish while using?

The Safety Device will shut the gas off when Flame Head is blocked. Regular cleaning for Burning Head is suggested.

How to clear up the burners?

Please remove the burner cap, use warm water and detergent with a small soft brush, clean the stains and the holes then dry it with a dry cloth.

How to maintain pan support?

After each cleaning the pan support, dry it immediately with a dry cloth.

Tips – Water heater

Why is my water heater overheating?

Water heaters are equipped with a thermostat function. It overheats due to various reasons:

  • A. We recommend not using a multi-function shower head such as those with massage features.
  • B.When using your water heater, please turn the faucet to the direction of hot water first, and then adjust the water temperature to your preference.
If my water supply is suspended, will this affect operation of my water heater?

Yes. Do not use your water heater under these conditions. Once the water supply resumes, turn on the cold water supply to clear any accumulated debris in the water pipes, and let the water flow until it runs clear.

Tips –Range hood

What is the recommended height for Range Hood installation?

The recommended height for range hood positioning is 700±50mm from the furnace surface.

What is delay shutdown function?

Part of the hoods with a 3-minute delay shutdown function, suitable for use after stir fried, this feature can be automatically shut down within the specified time.

How to reduce oil leakage of the range hood?

Check if the oil collection cup is full. After cooking is finished, please keeps the range hood run for 10 minutes more in order to prevent oil from accumulating inside.

Why do I find no oil in the oil collection cups but on the edges of the range hood panel?

The range hood might not be properly installed. The front of the unit must be slightly tilted up in order to let the oil flow down to the collection cups, which are located at the back of the unit. If this happens, contact a technician to reinstall it.

Tips – Induction hob

Why dual induction hob cannot use the maximum setting at the same time?

The power function increases the power to the maximum level for one cooking zone in the pair. The power in the second cooking zone automatically decreases. The heat setting display for the reduced zone changes between two levels.

Why will automatically suspend when the induction hob is in use?

Induction hob automatically sensed the temperature is too high, avoid to boil dry, it is recommended to continue to use after cooling down.

What kind of pots can be used in induction hob?

It is recommended to use stainless steel, iron or enamel pot, the pot bottom diameter is preferably between 12-26 cm.

Will the heat generated from an induction stove be uneven?

This will not happen in an induction stove which uses induction heating. The
heat is conducted from the burner to the bottom of the pot and the temperature
is evenly distributed.